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Support. Anywhere. Anytime.

work can happen anywhere, not just a cubicle.

Virtual Office offers companies of all sizes and industries with dedicated on-demand event, marketing and sales support.


On-demand support is available daily or weekly, temporary or ongoing, full-time or part-time, or projects as they come, we fit your schedule anywhere, anytime you need us. 

You have the flexibility to decide when work gets done and how often you need help, resulting in labor cost savings. Our customers tell us the level of support they receive is similar or better than their best employees.

All companies experience the natural ebbs and flows (feast or famine, as some say) throughout the fiscal year. They must have a plan in place when business is slow and ready to act when it picks back up.

It is a balancing act between managing cash flow and employing permanent staff because when business is slow, cutting labor becomes a key consideration.


On-demand support makes sense when business is slow and when it picks back up. It is a cost-effective solution to control labor costs and a new alternative in getting work done.

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