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"...is the best when it comes to an enthusiastic attitude and execution of strategic marketing ...displays genuine interest in the plan and our long term goal. I confidently recommend her to enhance brand awareness, recognition and the image of any organization."

-  Director, National Sales Accounts

Why Virtual Office?

My experience spans 20+ years in a corporate marketing role where I've gained experience in many facets of marketing (marketing strategy, research, budget management, support sales and lead gen efforts, event management, etc.).

During that time, I learned that there is a better way to get work done cost-effectively and remain competitive. It is called on-demand.

In the past, labor costs were controlled by moving it overseas. Now, COVID-19 has forced companies to cut staff, and instead of moving labor overseas, most Americans want Made in America, and I believe Support from America is just as important.

I love this country, and I am passionate about the type of work I do. My dedication gives me a desire to save companies money and offer a level of marketing support better than the best employee.

I have been in situations where companies had to cut costs, and the first place looked at is labor costs and where do they start, the marketing department. By helping companies save on labor costs, I hope layoffs will diminish.

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"...always impressed with her determination and resourcefulness...she is focused and gets things done."

- President/CEO

"...a positive attitude, healthy curiosity and a voracious appetite for getting real work done... Brenda is quick to dig in and make sense of what needs to be done and in what priority... She is a true asset...I would hire her again in a heartbeat." 

-  Dir., Marketing Communications Americas

PPT graphic variation 2.jpg